Boomplastic: Płyty i produkty wykonane w 100% z recyklingu /// Sheets and products made of 100% recycled material


Project:  EKIERKI

SILESIA is our proposal to solve one of the basic problems of the modern world, which is plastic waste.

Due to atmospheric air pollution, the Silesian Voivodeship is one of the regions with the highest emission of dust and gas pollutants from particularly noxious plants in Poland. Silesia, a collection of table items, is inspired by the industrial architecture of this region. It symbolically presents the message of the inevitable damage to nature that humans do to live in luxury and comfort.

MARE sliding doors

The door to our headquarters is decorated with a MARE sheet – made of ghost nets caught from the Baltic Sea thanks to cooperation with the MARE Foundation


Diuna Office table

The unusual interior in Diuna Office was designed by Łoskiewicz Studio. The interior is aesthetically unique, but also designed in accordance with ESG principles. There is also a table made of Boomplastic sheets. Of course, 100% recycled plastic