Boomplastic: Płyty i produkty wykonane w 100% z recyklingu /// Sheets and products made of 100% recycled material

Sheet, project, product

100% recycled and 100% recyclable, circular super design within reach.


We create large-format sheets and products made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic waste.

We regularly clean the world of plastic waste. We combine competences in the area of industrial design, industrial technologies and recycling to support the closed-loop plastics economy. Together we answer the question of what can be done from plastic waste through creative recycling.

We produce boards from recyclate, and creativity pushes us towards constant design searches, which is why at Boomplastic you will also find great products ready for purchase. We are open to cooperation, which is why we support cool, responsible and valuable projects. The exceptional results of cooperation with designers and architects, as well as companies that value responsible materials and design, drive us in our daily work.




Material sampler
A standard collection or maybe something individual? Let us know what you are interested in and order a sample.
Circular chair
DO IT YOURSELF - Your chair from plastic waste
A moth-inspired coffee table. He craves quiet evenings and Netflix productions.
Madonna Lamp
Niech stanie się jasność!
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Latest products

Coffee table

With two countertop heights. Compact, will fit in any apartment.

MONU vases

Not perfect, but that's their charm. Hand-formed.

MENT vases

In a set or solo. They like to snuggle in your hand.

A large recycled sheet

We produce products made from 100% recyclate that are 100% recyclable. We develop material compositions ourselves and ensure the homogeneity of the composition. Circularity is fundamental to us.

Although the patterns are repeatable, each board is unique. Thanks to this, each piece is unrepeatable and one of a kind.
At Boomplastic you will find standard designs, but also custom individual solutions.

Standard collection

Black Sloth

White Sloth





SPECIAL collection


PP ropes with reed waste in a light base


Ghost nets caught from the Baltic Sea in a light base

MARE black

Ghost nets caught from the Baltic Sea in a black base

Plastic is fantastic

Waterproof, easy to process, durable… These are just a few of the great features of recycled plastic sheets. The fact that they are made of plastic waste makes them unique and makes each project one of a kind. Plastic really is fantastic.

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Who are we?

Boomplastic is a team of creative people who devote their time to solving the problem of plastic pollution in the world.

Completed projects

We work with creative people from all over the world!
See what we managed to create together.

Yes! However, it requires more of our collective work and time. Which involves additional costs. A lot depends on the project, we are always open to finding out more details!

Yes, but as with all materials, it does not come without some consequences. Sunlight may affect the color of the material, this should be especially kept in mind in the case of sheets with a white base. The sheet may turn yellow over time.

If UV resistance is super important to you, we can deal with this issue by using additional protection.

We understand that greenwashing is everywhere these days. At Boomplastic, we focus on transparency and honesty. We work on the most effective production process, we use ONLY recycled materials (grinding and regranulates) that we can obtain in the immediate vicinity. We can easily turn our waste and used/damaged products into material for new boards. We take care of the homogeneous composition of the composition so that there is no problem with recycling the waste. We cooperate with experts in the field of ecological and circular solutions.

Please contact us. Our headquarters is located in Jasin, near Poznań.

You will find us here