Boomplastic: Płyty i produkty wykonane w 100% z recyklingu /// Sheets and products made of 100% recycled material


On what terms can we do something together?

We have already completed many projects with creators from all over the world, you can see them HERE. We love working with creative people on various projects, see what terms we can cooperate with and let us know!


We carry out retail and wholesale orders. The price is determined individually after prior contact.

Designer zone

Joint implementation

Yes! However, it requires more of our collective work and time. Which involves additional costs. A lot depends on the project, we are always open to learn more details.

Yes, but as with all materials, it does not come without some consequences. Sunlight may affect the color of the material, this should be especially remembered in the case of boards with a white base. The sheet may turn yellow over time.

If UV resistance is super important to you, we can deal with this issue by using additional protection.

Please contact us. Our headquarters is located in Jasin, near Poznań, Poland.

Yes, let us know and we will send it to you.

When planning cutting, always leave space for the cutter and a margin from the edge of the board (approx. 10 mm)

Laser cutting is not possible in this case Cut out elements require some finishing (just like wood) – sanding, edge finishing

The board may have thickness variations of +/- 2mm. Therefore, if you need a perfectly even slab, it must be leveled, which involves additional time and cost

When designing, it is worth taking into account the fact that the board may sometimes contain inclusions from another material or a single air bubble. That’s the thing with waste materials, they have a certain amount of unpredictability. We promote forgiving design.

Yes, we have a product card – write and we will send it.

As for certificates: we are working on it. This is difficult because waste material, which is not post-production waste, is generally not stable and predictable. Each batch of material would have to be tested separately.

Where can you see our material?

The list of our projects is still growing. See where you can see Boomplastic sheets.

MUZEALNA restaurant

MARE and WHITE SLOTH sheets.

National Museum in Warsaw
Al. Jerozolimskie 3, 00-495 Warszawa
Entrance from Al. Jerozolimskie, through the main building of the National Museum in Warsaw

Cafe Podrygi

SKY sheet

Al. Jerozolimskie 3, 00-495 Warszawa
Lorentz Square


MARE sheet

Holon Museum
Pinkhas Eilon St 8, Holon, 5845400, Izrael


MIX sheet

Murrow Park, Washington DC


MARE sheet

Puławska 113A, 02-707 Warszawa



ul. Różana 8
62-002 Suchy Las /k. Poznania, Polska

ZDOLNI 2.0 restaurant

SKY and BLACK SLOTH sheets

ul.Kościelna 48
60-538 Poznań