Boomplastic: Płyty i produkty wykonane w 100% z recyklingu /// Sheets and products made of 100% recycled material

Big City Life trophies

Project:  NAJ DESIGN

Big City Life is a project that embodies the values of the Brandstorm competition. These are minimalist, elegant forms created from the innovative use of post-production waste and natural materials.

Combining modern design with traditional handicraft, the composition of 9 statuettes shows the panorama of Paris, which is the cradle of L’Oréal and the Brandstorm competition. The challenge of the 28th edition raised an extremely important issue – important not only for consumers, but also for companies – the future of the cosmetics industry without plastic. When designing the trophies, NAJ DESIGN focused on existing plastic, which is factory waste produced by L’Oréal Warsaw Plant. Thanks to a well-thought-out concept, garbage has become something unique and recycling has become a luxury.

The idea of embodying the landscape of Paris in the form of statuettes arose when the world finals of the competition in the French capital were transferred to virtual reality. The winners received unique trophies that gave them something they could not experience due to the coronavirus pandemic – a fragment of Paris, framed like a photograph. The gradation of tension and scale of the composition emphasizes the work of a single participant, who is part of one of the winning teams, which together create a whole – a diverse group of innovators looking for solutions for a better future.

Decorative panels

On the walls of the iPS Team headquarters there are panels made of plastic caps, regranulates and… fishing nets caught from the Baltic Sea!


Ale Kino! trophies

Creative trophies designed and manufactured for International Ale Kino! Festiwal. Made of 100% recycled plastic.



The bench that brings people together – Circula – is made of recycled materials. A version of MARE can be seen at the Holon Museum in Israel.