Boomplastic: Płyty i produkty wykonane w 100% z recyklingu /// Sheets and products made of 100% recycled material

BALTICA circular jewelry

Project:  ORSKA

Material: Boomplastic, MARE Foundation

Useless fishing nets caught from the Baltic seabed as part of the “Clean Baltic” campaign were turned into a unique stone. Not only is it a color counterbalance to amber, but above all it combines what nature has created with what man has created.

In her artistic jewelry, the designer combined organic material and material made from marine waste. In modern forms, she enclosed amber created by nature and synthetic stone made by man. A raw material that was formed about 45 – 60 million years ago and one that took only a moment to produce and which will take centuries to decompose.

MARE sliding doors

The door to our headquarters is decorated with a MARE sheet – made of ghost nets caught from the Baltic Sea thanks to cooperation with the MARE Foundation


Diuna Office table

The unusual interior in Diuna Office was designed by Łoskiewicz Studio. The interior is aesthetically unique, but also designed in accordance with ESG principles. There is also a table made of Boomplastic sheets. Of course, 100% recycled plastic