MASURIA bench made out of recycled PP ropes and reed leftovers

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MASURIA design = Boomplastic + Najlepiej Team, Dorota balewicz and Marta Orszt

Masuria is a local answer to a global problem.


The concept was born from the need to reuse the plastic waste generated by the family business producing ecological materials made out of reed (Phragmites australis). Masuria solves the problem of reusing polluted plasic – polypropylene ropes which are the base material of the design are not recyled in Poland because of organic shreds entangled in them.

By using it to make plastic boards we create a new value, changing the local perception of waste: from polluting trash into useful resource. The second life we give to plastic can lead to another one, since all elements of the design are recyclable.

Masuria bench made of plastic waste collected at Naturalex in Mazury region of Poland was created by Dorota Balewicz and Marta Orszt in collaboration with Adam Krzemiński from Boomplastic.

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